Soda Springs, California

The Challenge

California Artesian Water is a bottled water enterprise in Northern California, near Lake Tahoe.    In 2016, this company joined an already competitive and rigorously regulated market to share its clean, pure, and soft drinking water in a market already rich with bottled water and beverage choices — but of an inferior quality.

Our challenge was to help create a complete digital presence, from the logo, to the website, to the product labeling, to marketing materials, to market research and more.

The Solution

The initial challenge was to create a “look” for the logo, bottle and marketing materials. After first creating dozens of temporary designs, we helped to launch a campaign to open the design to graphic artists who submitted designs to be chosen by the owners. The winning logo design was simple, clean, and could easily be customized as the product moved through the processes for FDA regulation, bottling, initial retail launch, market analysis, and consumer feedback, with an aim to be able to create seasonal versions of the logo, as well as alternative and complimentary color palettes.

We also designed a mobile-friendly responsive website that showcases the beauty of the region, the purity of the water, and the history of artisan water.    Our team even researched and included an overview to educate the consumer on the vast differences between spring water, well water, treated water and artisan water.

What’s Next?

We have created consumer feedback polls to assist with marketing after consumers tested samples of the product.  We are also actively submitting this new website to all major search engines,  and once California Artesian Water is more widely available for purchase, we’ll be assisting with marketing this product in the retail and wholesale markets and coordinate efforts to offer the product to the private label and foreign markets.

The New Website

Built From the Ground Up

We built the entire website from the ground up, with a mobile-friendly theme, plug-ins, caching, proper widgets, and graphics. We researched included numerous educational resources for the consumer, as well as created FDA-mandated data tables for purity.

Mobile Refresh

The website immediately boosted online visits from interested consumers, using desktops, smart phones, tablets and laptops.

Revenue Goals

The website will enable the owners to market its water to the retail, wholesale, food industry, and private label markets, making it a “local product” available far beyond its own area.


As part of our all-inclusive plan, our agency checks and maintains the website every month throughout the year, updating themes and plug-ins, monitoring contact forms and comment fields, clearing cache and testing page load time.

Mobile Friendly Multi-Page Site

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